Zombie coffee mug

Zombie coffee mug

This unbelievable realistic dark green skin with human eye zombie coffee cup is a must-have item for Halloween and horror lovers. The details are amazing and it’s very well made.


Zombie Condom

Besides the smell of rotting corpses and the danger of a deadly virus, it’s nice to know that tapping some hot zombie is possible with this Zombie Condom. If you’re


Scary Zombie Digital Mask

Completely transform yourself with this digital Scary Zombie mask. To accomplish this scary effect, you just download the free app to your smartphone, place the mobile device in the pocket in a



What do you buy for a kid who already has nightmares? The answer is UndedTedd. UndeadTeds are normal teddy bears that have been torn apart and zombified (but they are

Zombie Bookends

Zombie Bookends

You’ve always wanted to show your love of zombies around your home. There’s something appealingly creepy about seeing a zombie staring at you from your bookshelf, and these zombie bookends