Shark heels

These shoes are exceptional. You have to get a pair of these shoes to experience them. So unique and unusual! Can’t say enough amazing things about these wonderful heels. Truly


Bacon Vodka

An exceptional quality potato vodka with aromatic and tasty bacon flavor. It’s clean, fresh, and awesome. From now on this is the only vodka you’ll ever want to use to


Offensive Balloons

These Offensive balloons are awesome, regular size, they are great for most occasions-probably not for funerals though.perfect balloons if you want something different and unusual. A brutally-honest substitute to normal boring


Loo-uis Vuitton Toilet

  With every inch is covered in Louis leather or gold paint, this toilet is unique, wonderful and unusual. Everything from the bowl to the tank is fully interlined in

Dehydrated Water

Dehydrated Water

Just add water to this awesome and funny product and make thirst disappear. Any of your friends into camping, hiking or preparing for survival? They will laugh so hard when

Colour Changing Umbrella

Color Changing Umbrella

This color-changing umbrella comes printed with unique ink, white when dry, that comes to life when in contact with water. Why would you buy an ordinary and typical umbrella again?


Gigantic Toblerone

A genuine cocoa butter mixed up with milk from Swiss Alps, embellish with honey, almonds, and nougats. The Toblerone makes everybody mad and passionate about Swiss chocolate. With a weight


Tooth Fairy Door

  A miniature front door designed to let the Tooth Fairy visit your home with grace and ease. Add some magic to your Tooth Fairy visit with this charming tiny

Follow Me Flip-flops

These cool and fun “FOLLOW ME BRING WINE” flip-flops are certain to leave a trail of laughs while possibly getting you some free drink. An awesome gift for yourself or


The Llama Duster

This Pink Llama Duster is the awesome little friend to help you dust. Perfect as a li gift to help someone along with their housework or maybe you want to

Iron Throne Egg Cup

GoT Egg Holder

This GoT egg holder light up any cuisine and gives you an awesome stylish way to store your eggs. Save your fridge space and exhibit your egg’s on any surface.


Boyfriend/Husband Pillow

The Boyfriend/Husband Pillow from offers extra comfortable support and is a favorite among those that don’t like to sleep alone. The comfy pillow, shaped like a man’s upper body, is